July 18, 2024

things to listen to: june

a Sri Lankan jungle plateau in the distance with valley below
a jungle plateau in sri lanka. hills and valley stretches between it and the viewer. a poet might describe the haze in the picture as “the mists of the jungle.” i would call it “humidity.” photo by Sujatha Arseculeratne.

Hi friends, I’m going to be away for a little summer vacation for the next two weeks. Here are a few podcasts and a video that I thought fit well into the themes I write about on be the future. I hope you enjoy!

“be the future” by josh martinez

I know, this is an easy one! I recently restarted my podcast with better recording equipment. To kick off this season, I picked several of my favorite blog posts to read. The episodes don’t have embedded transcripts (I need more listeners for that feature to kick in). In the meantime, you can find every post I record on my narrated tag. Please share and rate my podcast if you like it!

“Living Resistance with Author + Poet Kaitlin Curtice” by Bethaney Wilkinson

Bethaney is the author of The Diversity Gap: Where Good Intentions Meet True Cultural Change. I also follow a couple of the blogs that she launched. Last year she launched a podcast with some cool guests. Here’s one I listened to recently.


I never want to say that we are decolonized, because I don’t even know if that’s possible, to be fully decolonized in the society we live in, but to work toward that, to dream toward it. What does it mean for my like daily life just as one person, because decolonization has to happen on the systemic level and on the collective level, but I think it has to also start within each of us, like there has to be sort of the seed planted of why are we even caring? Why does it matter? And that means that we have to look at our own stories and our own our own experiences of colonization, however, that shows up in our lives, no matter who we are, we’ve all been affected by colonialism.

“How to turn your Neighborhood into a Village” by Andrew Millison and Mark Lakeman

I loved this case study from Portland. Residents there have found ways to create more vibrant communities out of the colonized grid system of their city.

Before 1920, when the federal government decided that streets were only for cars, for all the Millennia of human existence streets had multiple different kinds of uses that were enacted in that space every single day.
photo of josh martinez

my name is josh martinez. i have always loved trying to understand systems, and the systems that built those systems. i spend a lot of time thinking about how to get there from here.

i own and operate a consulting practice, Future Emergent.

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