June 24, 2024

a quick break

a tree stump on the beach surrounded by grass
photo caption: a tree stump weathered by seawater and the elements. a small patch of grass surrounds the wood. the sky is gray and misting. honestly a lovely day!

Hi y’all, I’m taking a quick break from work at Future Emergent and on this blog. I’ll be back by March. In my absence, I’ve queued up a few of my favorite blog posts in the newsletter I launched. A lot of people I admire moved away from substack a couple years ago because they host (and give money to!) people who are anti-trans. They’ve also doubled down on their support for actual Nazis. I like buttondown‘s interface and their free option fits my current needs and my budget.

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photo of josh martinez

my name is josh martinez. i have always loved trying to understand systems, and the systems that built those systems. i spend a lot of time thinking about how to get there from here.

i own and operate a consulting practice, Future Emergent.

say hello: josh[at]bethefuture.space