June 19, 2024

things to listen to: july

the mural Turbulent Times by Peter Boome
photo caption: the mural ‘turbulent times‘ by peter boone. the artwork is located at waterfront park, pier 62, in seattle. nearby, two giant game boards only ever get played ironically.

Hi folks! I’m taking July off to wrap up a few work-work projects and relax a bit. Since I usually share articles, I thought I’d share a few podcasts that I’ve enjoyed lately. Each link has a transcript or summary of the conversation. Enjoy, and see you in August!

“The Walk Home” by Kari Plog and Mayowa Aina

The 2020 police killing of Manuel “Manny” Ellis, a Black man in Tacoma, brought a reckoning to Washington State and has set up what promises to be one of the highest-profile trials in Pacific Northwest history.

“What if your organization never changes?” by Dr. Monica Cox


When I think of an ideal space, I want a place where everyone can bring their identities. And people can say what they need to say or what they want to say, even if folks disagree. But at the end of the day, there’s something in place that says, “This is our standard. This is our way of working. This is what we believe. And this is how we protect everyone.” We don’t have to agree. But if something goes awry, there’s something in place that truly says that people have the rights to show up as they need to show up. It’s not a place where the strongest or the loudest are the ones who overtake the system. That’s not a true system. That’s not an equitable system, it’s not a productive system. Our systems need to be places where our policies are not just about being punitive, but they’re about protecting. I don’t see enough of that.

“LGM Podcast: Seattle from the Margins” by Eric Loomis with Megan Asaka

Even as young as a child growing up in Seattle, I come from a Japanese American family, longtime Seattle family. My great grandfather immigrated to the United States in the early 20th century. And kind of always having the knowledge of my family’s experiences in Seattle, which involved, you know, segregation, mass removal, incarceration, losing everything during the war, coming back, people were hostile, didn’t want them back. That was always my knowledge of Seattle through my family’s experiences and my family history.

I started reading this book a few weeks ago and I’ve learned something mind-expanding on every page. So here’s another article about it! Maybe it’s the Seattle Freeze, Maybe it’s White Supremacy.


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