February 28, 2021


Client Service Document

Some food banks required photo ID and other documents before people could get food. With a subcommittee, I wrote a policy memo for the Washington Dept. of Agriculture. This letter states current policy in easy-to-understand language. I adapted material from my post, Asking for ID in the surveillance age, to write the letter. We use this letter to divert food banks away from policies that encourage discrimination.

Bicycling and Walking Benchmarking Practice
My co-lead writer and I wanted to share how one program could impact mobility across the country. We funded work to advance public health accreditation at state health departments. Part of this work received funding through the Affordable Care Act. Accreditation helps states create state health improvement plans at their public health departments. This is a roundup of three SHIP examples that show bicycling and walking mobility improvements. I co-wrote and helped edit the state progress summaries in this report.